There are lots of materials written or spoken about Georgia. The best is to see once than hear or read thousand times. Why should you visit Georgia? What can you see here? And answers for many other questions that come to mind cannot be better summarized in couple sentences than one of international journalists did after his visit to Georgia: “This is place where people believe in tales. They leave and create before these tales become true and then invent new tales and continue to leave before making them true…”

Georgia is a small, picturesque country situated on the east coast of the Black Sea, bordering Turkey to the south and Russia to the north. Georgia has a long, proud history and culture dating back almost 2,500 years, infusing Georgians with a deep sense of national pride and honor. The second-oldest Christian country, Georgia has its own ancient alphabet and language, and boasts a rich culture steeped in traditions of familial bonds, hospitality, food and drink, and the arts; Georgians are renowned for their hospitality and original national folk dance.

Despite its small territory, Georgia is awarded the unusual flora. The country's geographical and climatic zones, which are reflected in the variety of plant species. Flora of West and East, are different. East of the coniferous areas are dry and semi-arid climate,and therefore the greenery is less noticeable. As for the West, because of its wet climate there are dense forests. The fauna is a mixture of Central Asian and African fauna. In Georgia, there are hundreds of species of mammals, 330 kinds of birds, 48 ​​reptiles, 11 amphibians and 160 fish species. Georgia is situated on two continents, Europe and Asia on the border. The eastern and western culture is reflected in the creation and development of Georgian civilization.

Welcome to Georgia – where tales become true!

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