Tour in Tao-Klarjeti

We present archaeological, historical, religious tour in historic side georgia  Tao-Klarjeti. Where you will visit river sources,  the beautiful castle...

3 days, the tour promises an impressive and informative views:
Castle of Mere,View of Ershuti's Ridge  ( 2540 m), fortress Parakani , the resort town of  Shavshethi, castle of Satle, Khandzta, Church of  Dolisqana, Oshki, Ishkhani, lake Tortomi, Iusupeli, castle Vezhangeti, Caucasian castle, Church complex Otkhasta, and many other unique monuments.

A price includes:
Transfer (comfortable minibus)
Hotel accommodation
Entrance tickets (for cathedrals)
The group: 20-30-40

Coordinates: 41.245805/42.364655

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