Wine tour in Keda

Region Ajara is one of the oldest viticulture wine sites. The range of the wine is regarded as the historical hearth. Keda Region is rich in historical monuments, the zendidis, kavianis, tsivasulas castles, and Dandalo Makhunceti arch bridges. In 2011 in the region was opened Acharuli wine-house, Wine mini - Enterprise, where are make a unique wine ​​from grapes, Chkhaveri.

Wine tour allows you to taste wine offered by the local residents,find out about life, cuisine and folk arts, through the vineyards and take part in the harvest,enjoy delicious wine and Hospitality of local residents.

The tour offers to see  a historical monuments, bridges, castles and taste traditional cuisine and participate in making a adjarian wine.

Tour including:
Guest house

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